Business Intelligence and Beyond

Hi tomorrow I will attend to

Business Intelligence Seminar: Business Intelligence and Beyond

  • Tea & Coffee
  • Introduction
  • A Typical Decision Cycle
  • Case Studies
  • Q+A on BI Processes
  • Business Intelligence and Beyond
  • It’s not just a reporting tool.
  • Case Studies
  • The Perfect BI Project
  • Q+A

I will write about that asap,  have a look to the link:

very interesting talking done by CPL recruiters; very interesting the overview on BI projects in Ireland and all the practical knowledge and experience brought to us by Barry, Shane and Liam. I appreciated the deep knowledge of the speakers about the topics, showing an hand-on experience on projects, at the end the most important things in BI are: domain knowledge, tools skill-set and ability to communicate to stakeholders proving results iteration by iteration. [yes they don’t trust you 8-} ]

I will write some post on BI skills, how I plan to gain expertise on this topic for my job and my career…


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