Intro to Machine Learning for .NET

Yesterday was my first webminar 8-],

Very interesting topic, Seth introduced the audience to  simple linear classificators as Perceptron and K-means; I think even the topics were just an introduction to classification problems,  this kind of event are very useful to motivate you and to create a community of enthusiasts around…


  • Interesting topics
  • Good introduction
  • Very friendly speaker
  • Fluid video and audio
  • Good examples
  • Shared coded
  • Asking for participation to expand the code


  • Code hosted on Codeplex, not GitHub
  • No usage of F# only C#
  • Not clear when it will be implemented in DevExpress components

Ps the webseminar will be posted in the devxpress tv channel, I wiil update the lik asasp


if you have no idea what is a perceptron


The link to the webminar is

N> At some point I asked a question using the chat so when you’ll u ear ‘Mario’ it’s me, 😎 … ahah


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