Accessing a sql instance not in domain using domain credentials

Use Case:

Your domain credentials are

myDomain\pippo + password!


sqlX machine is not in myDomain

and you want to access to sqlX through your local Magament studio instead to use everytime Remote desktop

To-Do Sequence:

[1 // only once]

  1. remote desktop to sql machine
    1. [use devtest \ Password1!]
  2. go to Computer Manamagement –> Users
  3. create new local account with the same name + password that you use in a domain
    1. only the name don’t write myDomain\
    2. add it to Administartors if required
  4. disconnect if  the user is not used by others or go to 5
  5. close remote desktop

[+ // when you need]

  1. open SQL management studio on your machine and connect to sqlX
  2. use windows authentication

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