F# or Scala?

As you can read from my about page I am currently skilling on functional porgramming… But which to consider? Scala has been adopted by Twitter for its backend The Why and How of Scala at Twitter, others companies dealing with huge amount of data are using F# with their preexisting .Net based infrastracture Industrial applications of F#

I have a  .Net background so I started from  the simplest point, anyway it’s important now to get confidence with the functional approach… the right tools will come.

I am currently reading Beginning F#, actually I bought it from Robert (cool guy) he will sent at home and you’ll pay less than on Amazoon…! Send me an email I wil give you more info about that for free 😉 of course.


The first page of my copy, it’s cool to read a book signed by the Author…


2 thoughts on “F# or Scala?

  1. “la scienza non e’ sapere tutto ma sapere dove mettere le mani” could be translated as “Science is not knowing everything but know where to put your hands”

    Thanks to my Math prof 😎

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