From Requirement to Coding made easy

I was thinking about how to start a simple workflow to deliver … requirements, in a company that does not do it properly, this it’s a nice try, please send me your idea, but of course it’s very basic 😎

1. The scenario [small one] is kept in a SharePoint doc

2. People involved [Business Requirement analyst, Coder, QA ,Prj Mng] will subscribe email change alert

3. Each change and discussion will be kept in the SharePoint doc by the Business Requirement analyst [the only responsible for maintaining the doc – one single responsibility rule]

@ each email alert coming from SharePoint [that means the Requirements are changed]

  • The Coder will create a new task on tfs related to the Scenario changes [small one]
  • The QA will raise bugs [if any] putting as link the tfs task
  • The Prj Mng will have a review at free-bug completed task

Current Implementation

Based on my experience in a lot of companies what happens 😦

  • A scenario is wrote [big one] and not maintained
  • No small / testable / etc.. tasks are created
  • QA rises changes directly to me, instead of going through BA to give him the possibility to consolidate any change
  • At the end QA and BA spend time on talking on issue that have been already discussed and implemented
  • There is no changes history to the Scenario and the current implementation so for QA is hard to understand what is a bug and what is just not a requirement
  • etc

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