Task estimation for web-development made easy

A lot of web-developers have no idea how to estimate an assigned task in TFS, this is a Quick guide what to think about, when you have to ESTIMATE a task for your projects…

  1. Read carefully the task description and linked scenario
    1. Ask more details if you need, often it happens
  2. Check the which code area are affected
    1. Check for similar web control/code doing the same
  3. Check if you need to new/update storeproc for the data layer
  4. Check if you need to update the installer solution to include new elwmnts
  5. Plan what you need having a global view of the solution
  6. Figure out the Coding effort based on what you need to implement at this point
    1. New code to be added
    2. Refactoring any affected code
    3. Trying to keep all consistent across the project
      1. Code styles
      2. Put code in the BL/ Ux properly
      3. Contingency on undocumented code
  7. Testing in different browser

And don’t forget that software development is “A cooperative game of communication and invention” so quite often, the only way we know everything we need to do is to actually do it.


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