Winner takes all: a ‘natural’ law

A ‘natural’ law that everyone can recognize as common is the Pareto principle (law). It states that 80% of the profits are in the hands of the 20% of people. You’ll say that it’s strange, so why the 80% of them is unable to get more? That’s the point… even if you try to put the most clever, smart and fucking bastard people in a the same room and you’ll leave that on the table the prize, for sure, at the end, the 80% of the prize will be in the hands of 20% of the winners… (maybe less, maybe more, but for sure it will not be uniform)

Is there any reason about ‘why’ this happens? Yes, because the Gaussian bell is part of natural things, the very bad ones are 10%, the very good are 10% and all  the rest is in the middle.

So in the end move to the left of the ‘bell’ or to the right; just  don’t stay in the middle of you’ll go deaf… for all your life!




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