Prince2 in every day life

Taking advantage of all the knowledge you have, whatever it comes, from it’s a key success in every day life.

Mixing together different views and aspects of a problem can help you to solve it quickly and find an elegant solution: An example it’s using some background knowledge of Prince2 in every day life problem. One Prince2 principle is to Focus on Products, how to use it practically? Too often to solve our problems we focus on actions instead of on products that are what we want achieve; how many time when you have a problem (fix a issue with my mate, find a job, be in time for an appointment …) you focus on actions to take loosing what to achieve. This is very common behaviour as our brain starts asap to think to the actions to take instead what to achieve; this is a limitation if done too early as in an early stage we have not the complete picture of the problem and talking actions/decision at this stage could (ad does) bring you through path that are not optimal.

Use a incremental approach to evaluate your decision that step back to focus on the products/objectives that defines your degree of satisfaction and then re-evaluate the possibility you came up. Only what you fill you have looked from different prospective it’s time to take a decision that will bring you to the (a good) solution…


2 thoughts on “Prince2 in every day life

  1. achievement built with power..the power of soul !

    “The Warrior of Light views life with tenderness and determination.

    He stands before a mystery, whose solution he will one day find. Every so often, he says to himself: “This life is absolutely insane.”….Yes, life is insane. But the great wisdom of the Warrior lies in choosing his insanity wisely.

    You can recognize a Warrior of the Light by the look in his eye. Warriors of the Light are in the world, they form part of the world and they were sent into the world without saddlebags or sandals…
    That is why they are Warriors of Light. Because they fail. Because they ask questions. Because they keep looking for a meaning. And, in the end, they will find it.”

    P. Coelho

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