Use your Resources, Act on it.

I had a problem: to find a place where to live. This problem had to 2 possible solution:

  • To find a replacement for my ex flat-mate
  • To find a new place form me (a studio/1 bed apartment)
  • To find  a sharing

The constraint:

  • I have no friend looking for a new place where to move
  • I had to find a place before the end of January

The 1st Level Action

  • To put of and adv about my place hoping to find someone who  would like to share with me in the room (not  a great room, honestly)
  • To spend free time looking for flats

The feedback:

  • Just 3 person came to have a view of the house, not promising Crying face
  • The studio in Dublin a re expensive, small and old furnished
  • I didn’t find anybody cool (like me Punch) to share with

The Unconventional solution

Team UP with 2 person that came to have a view of my house and to find a share with them


Because I had the possibility to choose people to share with

Because it’s much more hard to rent a 3 house (you need 3 persons looking for the same place at the same time that know each other) so it’ easier to find on the market (more offer)

Happy End:

I’ve found an ensuite room in a Georgian new refurnished house, very quiet and near the luas but in the place I was living, so …

The Lesson

Think out of the box every time and focus on results, not on actions….

Check this


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