Back to BI: my point of view

For some reasons I took the models and simulations path for my academic track… more than 10 years ago. I remember I had 3 options: the first was networking, the second information systems and the last one models… Why I went for the last one and not for the ‘cutting-edge’ networking at that time??? Just because I had the feeling that was the right choice…. and my instinct was right.

The web has produced Peta bytes of data that has to be turned in information; only this processing gives value to this huge amount of bit we have… what is the value to have tons of clothes when you have no idea where they are, how to combine and to classify them to have a broad range of styles…. instead of dressing the same pair of trousers every day. My first employment was supposed to be datamining dev…. but it was not; I spent most of my time doing desktop/web/mobile application.

I’ve cat off web programming from my future; I think a good middle east outsourced team can deliver a good quality piece of code if properly directed… instead with BI you need to be in contact with the Business domain and people and among all to get experience in the real world… it’s much more interesting than web programming, where I would spent time there only being a web architect… honestly (too late for that)

There is, and in the next months there will be much more market for BI in the following months, it’s a field where not everybody can play a role, it’s not where you can be productive with 1/2 books downloaded from rapidshare.

This is another value of being BI experts, you are not easily ‘disposable’ and working by contract can lead you … much more fun!

The time is coming let’s be part of the game….

For this reason I will post a lot about BI and I will start with SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Kit: it’s a great training course on BI. I will post some educational material avoiding to copy and paste it (asked to Roger Doherty the material is planned to be exposed on MSDN); I will try to rework the material and reorganize it for a better fruition and because it’s always a good way to mature on a topic, rather than just knowing concepts….

Mainly it will be about creating

– mind maps on each paper

– integration of concepts between txt, ppt and notes

– reasoned path of what to read to achieve what you want

– best practice found around

Ps A note if you have windows 7 sp 1 you have to edit the dependencies.dep and add the 7601 to setup the demo environment avoiding messages such as Your current OS is not supported by the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Kit…

to-do change:

  <os type=”Vista;Server” buildNumber=”2600;3790;6001;6002;7000;7100;7600″>


  <os type=”Vista;Server” buildNumber=”2600;3790;6001;6002;7000;7100;7600;7601“>


2 thoughts on “Back to BI: my point of view

  1. Could you tell me what’s the location of the dependencies.dep? I’m trying to run the Config wizard for a StreamInsight lab and I get the error message you posted.

    Also, is dependencies.dep a Windows or an app specific file?


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