BI on R2: Plans

Build Your First Microsoft BI Solution with SQL Server 2008 R2 … the plans


The training for the Build Your First Microsoft BI Solution with SQL Server 2008 R2 training course is extra work, so it’s a good idea to have a plan to proceed and to track progress; among all this would be helpful to estimate the completion time for this …. project.

I spent a bit of time putting all together in a Google xls this is freely available

I suggest you to import in your Google docs or just download it as an excel spread sheet and put in you BI training folder.

Here is a summary of what’s included:

  • 31 presentations (PowerPoint slides, videos and transcripts included)
  • 27 demos (installer scripts, videos and transcripts included)
  • 12 hands on labs (installer scripts included)




It contains the list of the BuYo 1st BI R2 kit with some extra column I suggest you to fill as guide to take the maximum from the time you’ll spend on the course itself


A smart way to take a deep knowledge of all the material exposed could be:

  1. Watch the video 1 time, trying to get the most
  2. Create a doc with the transcript
  3. Use the Highlighter to focus on the important concepts exposed and some how-to/tips
  4. Copy and paste the ppt images in the doc
  5. Add the ppt notes, if relevant
  6. Repeat the contents

Try to balance between the presentations/demos and hand on labs, you could go by area (SSIS Presentations, then demos and labs) or do the theory first and then the exercises…

Good work!





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