When … the cloud fails

Today we feel safe, but we are weaker than 100 years ago, we need and rely too much on things and goods to live well…

When you have nothing you have all you need

And the consequences … in one screen-shot


The ideal behaviour to have

Service crisis checklist:

  • Stay calm: panicking often makes things worse.
  • Triage:
    • some things do not to be fixed immediately
  • Retain situation awareness
    • Keep focused on the big picture
    • Get the most important things working
  • Use scientific method
    • Define hypothesis
    • How you test the hypothesis?
    • Gather data for that hypothesis
    • Refine hypothesis and repeat
  • Be pragmatic
    • No need to be perfect
  • Look after ourselves:
    • Don’t burn ourselves: drink proper water/food/etc.
  • Get help
  • Communicate

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