Why is not important to wait for a reward

Yesterday I had an interesting chat with my Irish/writer flatmate. What it follows is what I came up after our chat.

When we are children our parents teach us that if we are good boys/girls we can expect a reward… this works until you’re a puppy and your world is your family and a small amount of friends, but what it happens when you grow up and you start to face the real word. If your beliefs are the same of when you were a child you’ll start to feel disappointed when you do something good for the others and you ‘are not paid back/rewarded as you expect… why this happens, because in the real life people has not the same set of values you are, in your family everybody share the same set value, so it worked, but not in others context where is not assured you share the same ‘values’. So what is the way to think? I would say do the best you can and to be happy just for that, you don’t need to be happy when another person will reward you as you expect…

This is very powerful, if you think about that, actually this approach goes in the direction of the Exotropic mind where you are not tied to another human being to be happy, I think I will translate in English the method and give you more examples, check this video for now..


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