Kimball on the Kindle, effectively

To be effective on any role you cover you need to master the tools and have a deep knowledge of the theory behind the technical ideas; in this way mastering all the necessary concepts you can be free to enjoy what is really interesting about computer science: creation!

A lot of time I felt uncomfortable in the web development because of the lack of mastering some concepts (well with BI it would be different because I care of it and I have full interest, but this is another story…)

Given the time is never enough I had to concentrate first on the tools and methodologies to maximize the quantity of information to dump in my brain, maintaining an high level of absorption and quality; luckily as BI is much more cool than web development (my personal opinion of course) my brain is friendly favourable disposed!

Computer science is all about this, you need to love what you are doing otherwise you’ll never good…

The last time I flew to Italy I’ve get a very good offer at the airport, I bought the kindle 3 for a price cheaper than the one displayed on the amazon web site… I discovered that kindle supports voice to speech, I tried it and I have to say that reading + listening together is very effective to get a fast and quality absorption of the contents (I think it comes from these reading strategies)

So I suggest to buy a kindle 😉 actually I asked to participate to the KDK as beta developer, I would like to implement some fast reading add-in for the kindle platform (I will do a post some time)

Now what can be a good content to start with? I think Kimball is a good start, especially now the Kimball group have just released a new version of the toolkit (it’s just 15 euros!)

One note if you are using the kindle for PC version (such as creating some blogs on the content addressed 😉 ) you have to deploy to the kindle for pc from the web page, if you rather downalod the book on you pc (using the transfer via computer option from the dropdown) when you’ll try to open it, it will fail due to some DRM proctections…


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