Being productive and looking for new opportunities

Looking for new chances to progress is the base of a great carrer; even you are working for a big company you need to keep your eyes open to new opportunities; a lot of time the present changes and only if you able to adapt to your ‘new’ present you can succeed and progress. Have you ever noticed how some people look like to get any chances on the fly, everything seems to be synchronized, the right chance at the right time? Do you think is it magic, luck, providence… I think is just part of the attitude and capability to look around and adapt in accordance… Even if your goal is to modify your world in accordance to your plans (in practice to be a leader) you first need to connect and understand it, then to merge with him and use your will to make possibilities to become reality.

When you are looking for new chances if you start looking on the web for a new job, or maybe for a new role or new connections you can easily fall into a trap, that is, being driven by the events instead by your plans and ideas… so be open to any opportunity, but be able to filter them and choose in accordance to your will… and it’s not easy to do, but to know it helps a lot!

I will soon post how to look for a roe without being ‘captured’ by calls, emails and be able to organize your time to skills and feel productive even in the mess that comes when you are looking for changes..


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