Lesson learnt: How to find an IT role in Dublin

Hi all,

when you are looking for a new role and your wish is to reach new career goal, it’s very important to adopt the best strategy to reach your purpose. I spent a couple of months looking for something new, that would bring me to the next level…

Any IT market looks mainly for two types of role: professional with very high specific skills and the ones that concentrate their effort on main stream technologies; today for example it’s quite easy to find web development roles, sql job opportunities, pm roles… but it’s much more difficult if you are looking for niche market; by definition a niche is something that not everybody is expert on and not all the companies are looking for… I think specially here in Ireland, after the web boom,  a lot of low-level skilled people has been employed, just because there was a massive amount of project to develop… and few people to be able to work on that… it’s the market and offer rule. I think the Irish market is very fast (thanks God), you can be haired in one week (it happened to me twice), but when you want to focus on quality and you are not keen to accept the first upcoming role you need a bit of time and among all methodology to proceed.

Let’s say you are not happy with your current job, you are looking for  a new company where you can express yourself at 100%, how to reach this goal?

First option: Follow your parent’s advice… in this hard times, don’t leave your current job until you find the next one…

It can work, but it depends on… you! If you are looking jut for a bigger/better company to cope the same role and to work on similar project you used to… you just need to contact/spam the companies you may like and proceed… Honestly if you are looking for a change of career, let’s you are a web developer you want to invest and tailor you profile on CRM/Cloud computing/Lean PM …. you need more time and in this case we come to the

Second option: Get a month holiday and invest your money on yourself…

This mean to organize your time with strict scheduling and go for it, you need to keep in touch with people and to skill yourself at the same time

An example of a day would be
  • 6:30 : wake up
  • 7:00 to 11:00 training time to get the necessary skills, to compete with more senior mates 
  • 11:30 to 13:30 1st round of calling people and recruiters
  • 14:30 to 16:00 surfing on job boards and website
    [maybe this would be useful https://mamatucci.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/irish-job-sites-and-recruiter-agencies-links/ ]
  • 16:00 to 17:30 2nd round calling people to discuss the jobs you found interesting for you in the first afternoon
  • relax time … you need it
  • 20:00 to 21:30 out of the scheme searching, it means put other keyword to your search to find other opportunities… (this would be a key specially if you are not super sure of what profile you are looking for)
I think LinkedIn is another useful tool to consider apart form monster etc… Widening your network could be a key success to increase the visibility you out of an anonymous cv posted on monster… and of course try to be active: run a blog, check EventBrite for what’s on going on in the city to meet people etc…
Here in Dublin there so many opportunity, you just need an approach to reach you goals..
Last word, be organized to have keep track of the interaction with HR manager, recruitment and job interview progression, this gives you control on the situation and possibility to evaluate what are your real offer, actually could be useful even to assess your possibility to reach your proposal and take decision or act to change your plans …
agile iteration matters, anyway looking for the right job can be seen as a complex project with a  lot of hidden variable you have limited control.
Best of luck,
Some funny think to consider:
  • Send more than once your cv for the same role, It may be lost, I know recruiter doens’t like that but your cv could be valuated by diffent people in the same company (it happende to me, submitted 3 times, only thrird time met the comapny for first and even second interview….)
  • Keep in touch with recruiters to get an update of your application status
  • Make a list of contacts and circulate among them to avoid people to forget about you… but not call every day, you look like desperate
  • Consider your search finished, only when you sign a contract
  • Update your status when signed, it’s not correct to waste other people time…
  • Send me a private email to mamatucci @ gmail.com if you want my personal Irish HR score, I dealt with a lot of professional/not real professional guys in the last 2 months…
a bit of BITs 😉

2 thoughts on “Lesson learnt: How to find an IT role in Dublin

  1. You don’t wake up at 6am in your best dreams man, hahaha… good try but not a true fact for someone who has seen you from close enough.

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