I am mother tongue in Italian, I studied French at the secondary school for 3 years and I’ve been working in Dublin since 2009, so what’s left … German actually I have to say Deutsch (the German language). To learn a new language is always a great stimulus for your mind. If you astrt it properly I think you can reach good results quickly. The method I am following to get the most I can from my the few hours I can allocate to learn Deutsch is here, so if you are interested, keep reading:

1) Buy a book with a CD

I am using this one

2) Build your own dicitionary of the words you mostly need.

A basic communication needs not more than 100 words, so it’s better at the beginning to focus on a list of common used words (pron, adj, conj) and to work on that creating your own expression and making pratice.

2b) Create a spreadsheet with pronunciation rules and menthal anchors to remmebr words


The firt think to master are the pronunciation rules, in this way very German word you read… you’ll read properly avoiding to generate confusion in your mind reading the same word differently each time.

Second to rememebr words ina language that means nthing at the beginning is quite hard, so turn it to something funny: creaitng menthal anchor to remember the meaning is the way

Using another language helps a lot… and remind to exagerate what you connect to rememebr the words, more strange is that menthal picture you create, easier you’ll remember the words…

Finally organize your knoledge using a menthal map like this one

In this way you know what you are learning and if you are keeping it balanced…

Verstehst du ein bisschen Deutsch? Ja, sehr ein bisschen, getzt. Auf wiedersehen… 


Use this one http://dict.tu-chemnitz.de


2 thoughts on “Wilkommen

  1. Goethe said (roughly quoting): men who speak foreign languages have the gift of another life. For you, German would be vital, since it is the second language used in scientific press.

    then let’s say you wrote this article for an Italian audience 😉 The pronunciation rules you listed are not universally intelligible (IPA – International Phonetic Alphabet was created on purpose!) as well as your “mental anchors” .. but I, as a native speaker of Italian, have to admit that your weird examples are great fun (“zuzzerellona ha 2 zinnone” and “philadelphia light” are epic, I dare say) ! I think you should look for adequate English counterparts, so that even non-Italians can laugh a bit at this post 😉
    Note: It is quite challenging, almost impossible 😛 but your phantasy is promising…

    Hint: Sehr> near to the sound of “CEREmony” Oder: the name of the river (if you are keen on geography of course! )

    Viel Glück und Erfolg auf deinem neuen Aufgabe! Deutschland über alles 😉

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