The power of NoW, an example

An interesting story happened this morning. We have the genral waste collection one time each 2 weeks, that means you cannot miss or you get in trouble for 2 weeks, when it’ss full…. In the last 2 months I am the only one that take care of the collection becasue the other flatmates are fucking lazy… yesterday evening I forgot to leave the bin of the gate, and this morning I woke up around half past six, just in time to put on quicly some cloctes and run out to place the bin on the street… Unfortunately yesterday evening I’ve been late so I didn’t feel klike to wake up, go down, bring the f**k bin out of the street etc… so here comes the interesting part.

I wished no to get out of the bed to bring the bin out and I wished to have the bin empty to avoid problems…

From the rational point of you the action to take would be:

  • wake-up fox
  • put some clothes on
  • bring the bin out
  • come back to sleep for 1h  more (I have to go to work later)

As I discussed in the previous post there is a better way to do thing, to take advantage of all the possibility the reality offers to who is able to be focused and specially without fear in his heart (you’ll understand later what I mean)

From the exotropic mind point of view:

  • Sync with the reality (using the feelings and concepts oh thankfulness, joy and love)
  • Think what you want (to stay in bed and things be sorted out)
  • See the best solution to come
  • Sleep for another hour

So what I did was the 2nd point …. for a couple of mins only, but I really wanted it (easy, it was very cold outside), then suddenly I heard the noise of the rubbish truck approaching and the worst thing happened to me in this situations, the fear  of doing the wrong thing, to have taken the bad (rational) choice toke me and what I did was act using only the rational side of myself.

The conclusion is the funniest part…. I ran out the  house with the pyjama and the  jacket only and… the bin was out of the gate;  can you see that?… reality found the best solution to my problem from my point of view… so another example that motivates my to go further this ideas and concepts (my lazy flatmate brought out the bin, but we didn’t talk at all about that yesterday)

So next week the life motive will be:

I choose to be joy, love and courage

I want to be joy, love and courage

I am to be joy, love and courage

I deserve to be joy, love and courage

I choose to be tolerant, love and unstoppable (this is  a very powerful statement)

I choose to be joy, single-minded and bliss

Remember: what you have in your mind and you heart drive your tomorrow, so be carefull what you do today,

is not the past to build your present….

Last note about my reaction: no fury to have waken up for nothing ( a common reaction for a lot of people) but just say thanks to the good faith who helped me and give me another good lesson


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