Google calendar with tomatoes = getting things done

There are  loads of techniques and tools out of the box to improve you productivity and to help us to make things done. Last couple of months I am using two simple tools that everybody can use to work better on job tasks and personal biz. Having a Gmail account I started to use the calendar feature more and more; at first impression the time you would need to keep track and organize  what to-do might seem a lot of work for nothing, but trust me, the hidden value of thinking before acting … will pay you back…soon; honestly I had the same impression at the beginning, but I think to log how you spend your time and using an effective way to work on each task you plan, is a key factor to do more and better.
The first thing is to access t your Google calendar (if you have another provider or another calendar tool is the same, a calendar is what you need)

Now create a brand new calendar for the area you want to track thing, ex Business, Work, Personal and give clear not overlapping colour.


Tip: try to be not too much specific, define an area of interest and have the Google task selected

Every day:

  • Define a 3 or 4 tasks in the top area in the day view, this are Google task entries



  • Think about how to accomplish he task, in practice how and a give rough estimate of the time you might need for it
  • Organize the time of the day in a balanced manner
  • Split each event to accomplish the task is something that doesn’t need more than 2 hours, later the reason…


  • Repeat for a new task, trying to avoid overloading..


  • Switch to the agenda view, to have a better idea what is the chronological order and change something if not sure



The most important is to avoid put too much at the beginning; avoid to fail too often to accomplish the daily task… this could be demotivating and bring you to not using the calendar anymore.

Try to do this at the morning and review it at the end of the day, think what you did, what you worked on today and what is the picture of tomorrow.

Now somebody could say ok, I did already in the past, but every time I finished up wasting time and not following the calendar…

#The second tool (or better technique) will help to get rid of this worries:the pomodoro technique. The idea behind is that nobody can work hours in a productive manner without small breaks. You have to split properly your time to put your mind in the perfect condition to work, this seems obvious at the first time, but it happened often. On the site what you do is simply to run a 25 min unit of work where you commit yourself and focus on the event/appointment of you calendar to work on in that 25 mins, then you stop for 5 mins and start to work for other 25 mins… After 4  unit of work (tomatoes) you get 15 mins of total relax, doing physical exercise like a 5 mins walk, coffee, etc..



Try it, I did and I felt more productive and focused… on what I do, avoiding to fly with your mind and your 1000 thoughts…



Ps Sorry some txt is in Italian 8-P


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