The spherical society will replace the pyramid (?)

The base (of the society) is waking up finally. The riots in every part of the world are a sign of a general awareness. The very top holds too much, a redistribution is necessary, the system is not balanced (it has never been maybe…) The only way to avoid the ‘the law of the jungle’  is too make it fair, otherwise when ‘too many’ are in a very bad condition (emotionally and economically) fights will start too spread all over the world (ops.. it’s already happening)

The current society is pyramid as everybody knows; the base is the majority, it’s static and is happy with a small amount of materials belongings (think to the commercial TV how  pushes to buy as the purpose of our life.. more you have… happier you’ll be. Bullshits). The top of the pyramid is the more powerful, it can rules as is able to influence  the politics to write the laws they need, to build crisis to make the base weaker and weaker so it will accept anything to feel more safe… It’s a modern way of ‘divide et impera’…

The spherical society

Now, instead, I think we are going towards a spherical society; but what I mean with that?

Imagine the base is located in the centre of the sphere;  nowadays we are more lucky: we have an easier access to the knowledge thanks to the web. Every body has the tools to go in any direction.

100 years ago if you were born son of a farmer, 99% you would became a farmer, no matter your dreams. Now the access to knowledge and instruction is more reliable and available; as a predictable reactions from the top we see more tries to put restrictive rules against the web about copyright and shit like that only to justify any censorship about the free talk… So we have the tools, but what about motivations? The most important thing of any human act is the willing behind it, it pushes and makes possible to reach any result.

In the pyramid society if you were born with a strong will and in a top layer (family), you could go up quite easily, (look for Illuminati Bloodlines)… from that the saying everything changes to change nothing

In the spherical society anybody of base with a strong will can go in any direction, because there is a weaker influence by the top as in the pyramid society; second, the forces go in any directions as result they generate a balanced system.

The point here is these big changes in the structure could lead a period of chaos, so be prepared, may the 2012 is all about that, but I am not worried, it could not be worst of what has been until now.. or not? Will see! The most important is, don;t waste your time if you have a dream, a goal.. put an effort and drive your destiny to… where you want to go, and be happy of that because is your life.



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