Random though

My family is a modest family, my father and mother has been working in the MES industry for all their life; I am bit different. Sometimes I think about what’s happening today: a few people riches and bankers so hungry to have more and more destroyed the future of millions of people, of full countries. It sounds crazy… a few people has been able to fuck so many … I am not going to point out how this happened, but I started to ‘try’ to understand the logic of this people, as I think the first move is to go in the mind of your enemy… Let’s start from the end and then let’s go step by step. We have somebody that reached some results. From point A to point B there an so many paths…. all depends on which one you choose. In a world where the pillar is to get more and more, without defining values and constraints of how to do so… what’s likely to happen? The most of these are just corrupted minds that along their paths agreed to so many compromises that they get lost. What I mean? Simply that in our real world if you’ll play too fair you’ll never growth too much; it’s the jungle law where the big eats the wick and the small… This mean you cannot really trust somebody that focuses only on himself, it’s likely to be one that will steal from you, even without fully realizing that, because that became an attitude that drive his behaviour. The gap between social classes (I hate this concept) is increasing because there is no more communication or willing to help each other, it’s the same of a sinking boat, the majority think to safe one’s life and a very few, the real ‘illuminati’ try to cooperate to save as many people it’s possible…

The point is it’s hard to judge if you didn’t the same experiences, but it’s harder to be sympathetic as some values should be part of your human nature, otherwise consider yourself an animal (without any offence for the animals)

Update: Thinking more, I realized that this is part of the hungry nature of human being, more you want for you and more you need to steal from the others, this because we live in a world of limited resources, for one person that lives in luxury, 99 will live in poor conditions, it’s a simple balance…

It’s up to you how much you are greedy (in the good way) to motivate you to do more and how much you are wise too understood when it’s enough… very easy to say not so much to put in practice.


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