Machine are digital . . . humans are analogic

Being working with computers for 20 years I finally caught the difference…

A computer can be programmed… you write a set of instructions, run it and the computer will do what you wrote; on the other site humans are analogical they learn by experience.

You cannot write a program to make change your life from one day to another, it doesn’t work. How many times you tries to change your path and you failed or at the best you slightly changes habits. Why does this happen?

I think we should consider first the brain and how it works… The brain is yes a ‘super computer’, but it’s able to do  only one operation: +

You cannot delete your past experiences, you cannot really forget…, the only thing close to that is to hide what we don’t want to remember in the subconscious …

Any experience you add to you bag is strongly connected with the feelings and mental state you had; for example a very painful or sad situation will be remembered stronger than a less significant one, you should keep in mind not having experiences is really a bad thing, it’s the symbol of death … not doing things,not taking actions. A serious responsibility you should be aware of is that every decision you take influences the direction of your present… Doing experiences that go in the direction of your nature and you wishes are what make you happy and enjoy your life.

If you are not really satisfied of what you achieved so far… first you are not the only one and second and most important if tomorrow you’ll wake-up and you’ll clear out your mind from anxiety, problems, sadness and feeling of loss and you’ll start thinking which experience could make your day a better
day, and you a better
person that would be a good starting point. Say thank you before, repeat that and at the end of the day for sure you’ll be thankful to something happened during the day…

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