Anxiety and mental attitude to relief your pain

Probably more than 33% of people that feel to be anxious have just a problem with their attitude with the future.

If you have a though that own you and you cannot control you are likely to be anxious.

The main problem is not the though in your mind, the mind thinks always (specially the unconscious mind)…

The main problem is related to the fact you think to actions to solve the problem, not to the goals about that.


I left to my car in a place where parking is not allowed:

My mind starts with the following:

– what if it will be clamped

– if I’ll be late I will get a fine, hurry up (and then you get distracted on something more important )

– why I didn’t pay the ticket so now I will be more relaxed

– what somebody will damage my car because was close to the gate, out of the white lines

– did I locks the car

– etc…

Did you notice it? All this thoughts are about possible consequences and infinite scenarios your mind can imagine.

why you don’t use your mind on this way:

– Think to what is the best scenario and the worst one

– Create a clear pictures

– Define what are you goals, what will be advantageous for you or less painful at least


– best scenario: nothing will happen, end of the worries, a feeling of relax will pervade your mind

– worst scenario: I’ll pay X for the fine, does this will impact my life so much to spend 1 hour think to all the possibilities? No, so 1 min of thinking is enough … so go on

– goal: not paying the fine (in this case you might meet the officer clamping your car, at that time you should define an action plan; why? because when you are close to the issue you more visibility of the variables and what then decide the best  action with the minimum effort….)


As usual practice to reach  change… you are not a digital machine, you need to experience to get it



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