Microsoft Business Intelligence stack from 100 to . . . Wow

Somebody told me that the experts master the basics and know where to throw the net in the BI sea 😉

Are you a motivated & self-started looking for a list of material to start with and became a Microsoft BI Developer with a good understanding of the theory and the tools? So this post is for you.

I’ve put together a ‘reasoned’ list of books/ training material with details of each content…

I hope you can buy at least 1/3 of this material to finance that wrote and invested time on that as this can be found on the web easily…


The basics are here the 1 and 2 give you foundations on BI end to end, the 3 is a cbt video that you can use to review what in the previous 2 and the 4 is more SP oriented.    

Just start here and spend 25% of your time if you are new to BI stack


The Kimball methodology is the bible you should follow in your day practice, the 2 is about the DW schema star definition, is can be skipped if you have in a hurry


The 24H training is enough detailed to be proactive; I suggest focusing then on the task you might need for your projects and refer to MSDN


The 1 is a very detailed video about SSAS and OLAP methodology, the 2 and 3 are more about advanced usage


If you want to present your data with SSRS this section give you the details how to build the reports and how to administer SSRS

SP and BI clients

The last section is a composed of an Excel pivot table course and the SP and Excel value and importance in a BI project (suggested).

Some useful free material can be found here …

Project tracking and knowledge structuring

At the moment I am using Mind Manager to track progress and structure the huge amount of knowledge …

I created a mind map here, so you can track your progress and add what you learn and export of the map in doc format here (even I suggest using the first one and installing mind manager)  

Please like this article if you found it useful, Mario


As I am expanding the map content day by day I am copying my versions on dropbox… last update


Please, click here if you don’t have a have a dropbox account, I would appreciate…


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