Visually BI: SSAS part 3

In this 3rd part the topic covered are : cube editor and cube structure tab

The map is here




Cube Structure tab

Dimension Usage tab

it shows the relationships between measure groups and dimensions

Calculations tab

custom measures

pre-filter your data with named sets.

KPI tab

Server-side key performance indicators (KPIs)


scorecard in SSRS, Excel, or SharePoint

Actions tab

to give the ability to drill through to the underlying data from the cube or to open items like SSRS reports or web pages.

Partitions and Aggregations tab

To compartmentalize your data into separate files

N> to be used you have 20 million rows in a given measure group

split data in partitions


Perspectives tab

Translations tab

Browser tab

To translate your measures and measure group names

Change User

slice and dice


cube editor

cube file

data source view

colour for dimension, measures and both

blue tables

yellow tables

green tables

dimensions pane

role playing dimension

attributes of dimensions used for more than one dimension



3 key are used for the same column attribute datekey in the date table

edit dimension

You can access the dimension file by clicking “Edit <dimension name>.”

measures pane




This defines how SSAS will roll the data up. The default method for rolling up is to sum the data

AggregateFunction property.

select from the available ones


folder definition

to group measure groups together, for usability


the name of the folder into which you wish to place the measure

semi additive measures

when the nature of the measure is not a measure where Min/Max or sum have sense

ex inventory measure on periods of time, you might want to pickup the first/last non empty value in the period

snapshot fact tables

you take a snapshot of inventory, a port-folio, or an account for some period of time



Measure Group Count

it is the implicit measure that has been added, when you define a measure group


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