Cloning dataset definition in SSRS and reusing it…

Very often in SSRS you need to define separate datasets and use them to build a complex report, instead of defining a monolithic dataset grabbing all your the data you need is better to define separate smaller datasets.

Unluckily SSRS does not support a copy and paste functionality to replicate the structure of a dataset and then do some changes to the new one


This is very annoying specially when a dataset is parameterized


Usually the params are logically shared among different dataset on the same page, so for the new dataset you should redefine the params name, the hierarchy level etc….

A faster way is to open the RDL mark-up [View Code] and copy and paste the dataset definition content with a new name and that’s you need only to change measures/dims in the new dataset…


  • open RDL with View Code
  • find   <DataSets>
  • copy and paste the <Dataset> xml content  you want to clone… changing the name (it has to be unique of course)



  • Close and reopen the report and you’ll see the next cloned dataset


And now it’s ready to be edited in the query designer…



I hope it helps, and you’ll like the post.


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