SSIS TooManyTasks on GitHub

I’ve just started a project on GitHub; it’s an SSIS solution to train on each SSIS control flow and data flow task. I think you need to know all the tools available in your belt to deliver an efficient and agile solution. Every BI developer should remember that every BI project by nature has a very short development time and a very long maintenance time so it’s likely to happen to have different people working on the same project on different stages, a full knowledge of the toolset it’s so necessary.

Here we have the readme with the actual implementation

The solution at the moment is based on sql 2008 but I have in plan to fork for 2008 and 2012 and to  check the relevant differences between them.

The solution structure is the following, and I will update from time to time to cover all… but it will take a bit of time 8-P



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