BigData consultants the hard way Book path

A few weeks ago, I felt I needed a bit of organization how to approach the amazing world of BigData/NoSQL & Hadoop, I am not going to say why here, just sharing with you what I think it’s a meaningful path specially if you have a Business Intelligence background and you’re a looking to step into this world in a confident way…

Building solid foundations without getting too bored: the first 2 books can be read in parallel…

A great intro but very easy to follow as usual from the dummies series… no much to say

This book goes deep and gives you a very high level about NoSQL, aggregates, Distributed models, Consistency ad cover NoSQL stores: Key value databases, document databases, column family stores graph db; plus has some dedicated sections to Hadoop/MapReduce.

At the moment I am heading to Hadoop as it seems promising for the integration with Azure and the new YARN version to break the batch initial nature of Hadoop

The Definitive guide it’s very well written and it’s a must to get standard knowledge of the entire Hadoop ecosystem, so you can start working on each component

After getting ground basis, time to move on more specific implementation so you can sell your skills pretending to have know-how knowledge, it’s the same when you knew all about SSIS tasks and bolts, but you had no clue how to put the puzzle together when dealing with real case scenario… follow the pattern man


together with

The cookbook series will make you an expert and this 2 combined really make the difference helping you with any technical interview.

Here to close with a book that is optional ,but great help when addressing such a situation: working on SQL 2012 and Hadoop. Quite expensive book.

Last, but not least, as I am planning to finish them by February, big goal, feel free to share your thoughts especially if you share my p.o.v.: if you are passionate about it and they pay you to work it’s great…


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