Simple Job search on GitHub & LiVe

Simple Job search on GitHub & LiVe

When looking for a new role it’s always frustrating and time wasting checking job boards and recruiter websites. A cool approach is using that means downloading all the job details from a website and collect them; this is usually a tool used by in web marketing/web campaign ect; but you need to know about the structure of the page and how to pull relevant html tags from it.

As I need to keep an eye on the Irish market (an sometimes abroad) I spent a few hours putting together a simple ws project you can download here

It’s a dummy ASP.NET page that has a list of option (job sites) and a IFRAME where the actual web page  page is loaded, so you can reloaded in sequence them with a click on the list on the right, rather then going and placing the keyword and (optionally) the region/city where to search.

Usage examples

The usage is easy: select the 2 option What and Where and one job site on the right column and click Reload

Then click on another web site on the right and the page will reload it with the same what and where selection … saving you a lot of time…

(note the Region is kept in the address in this example as the ws support it in the search query)

Open in a new page  careerjet looking for [ETL,Ireland]

How to add a new site?

The procedure is very easy; let’s do an example for

Put XXX in the keyword (it will be mapped to _what_ in the 1st screen) and YYY in region (mapped to _Where_), something like this

Now copy and past it and use the string to update the job panel at the bottom 

Cwjobs    |   |UK|true


Note> substitute the & with & as this is an xml doc so you need to escape that …

QueryString Note

The websites that uses session state rather than query string will not work as you cannot use this approach…

Dump pane

A time saver function is to use the Dump panel to open all the website in one go…

and scrolling down

N> I updated the ws list in the previous panel to show results only for two…

Update AppHarbor

I’ve found this interesting platform to deploy pages on the cloud

So I deployed the project on it…


You can use it on the web without need to installing it 😉

I hope it helps!



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