Plan Big, an agile pomodoro spreadsheet

Plan Big, an agile pomodoro spreadsheet

I’ve seen too many colleagues starting their day without spending 10 mins thinking upfront what to do during the day, ending up in this way with loads of time wasted and confusion… honestly it’s much better starting your day with a thought what you’ve done, what you need to do today and what you plan to achieve tomorrow; this is essential in a team to have a scope and a feeling to work for something meaningful… I cannot get why this simple steps are still not a dogma in so many companies… are we supposed to be slave of incompetent PM/ Team leaders forever making projects to fail just for a luck of commons sense?

You can use this google doc here to help yourself, to use it you need 2 minutes of your rapacious time and it will help you to be more focused and to think on what are you working on…

to plan your daily task – 

1st you clone it in you google doc 
 2nd you update it with the daily task and how long do you think is going to take considering


1 = 25 min commitment ( a pomodoro ) 
so for each task you update the column DONE 
Note the time if updated every minute and the state of Estimated Done changes when changing the DONE column; in this way you can have see in realtime view how long it is going to take you before finishing your daily tasks
Last but not least you might save the daily sheet, to keep track of your week, just add a new sheet for each new week and copy and paste the columns at the end of the day, so you can switch off your brain and enjoy your free time

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