Using HackPack as unstructured daily todo list

I have been using  a lot todoist to keep all my todo tasks for a while, the only things I don’t like of this type of tools is that they have ben designed following a strict structured approach…

The reality is my tasks, your tasks are never so well organised so trying to add too many boundaries and structure might end up to be counterproductive… things change, you need to add notes, ideas, mark what done and to focus on what to do next…

I’ve been using hackpad for a few weeks now and I really like the Markdown syntax (specially if you come from a console world)…

So how to use it to keep things effective with a very little of effort? I though the best is to give you a visual example and then to find your way…

Here some screenshots of the steps to build it…


View Unstructured TODO List on Hackpad.

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