DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Dublin 2010

Hi Saturday has been an interesting day… I’ve been to the

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Dublin 2010

I parteciapted to 2 sesions, as in the morning I was busy:

A Practical View of Domain Driven Design
Billy Stack

Intersting talking of Mr. Stack  from DDD concepts, to his experience everyday developing. I have to say the powerpoint were a bit boring, but for sure he knows what he talked about. Of course some reference to Eric Evans milestone at the end…

So you want to try Scrum?

Nathan Gloyn

Much more enjoyable talking coming from Mr Gloyn, he introduced the very basic of Scrum not only for developer, but with a generalistic eyes, very clear and structured power point supplied with the Talking. Thanks Nathan.

My question: How many companies are using the Scrum meth in your area?

Answer: Quite a lot in Dunlin South Area, 9-]


Coding with a ‘style’

Today I was looking @ the code practice and I was thinking… what a hell i have to remember all this list of rules to write code in a standard way…. what about to have an automated way of doing that to get used to in a while 8-)….
After a quick look I found very interesting StyleCop

StyleCop is a source analysis tool for C#. It can be used for analysing source code as opposed to compiled assemblies which is the area for FxCop.

This would be cool if you have no predefined code-style adherence, but if you want to customize the rules, to define custom rule then use

Last note: if you like using  Resharper don’t forget this, yes it highlight the code rules broken as you type, cool I hope will not site down your VS, Resharper is already heavy sometimes…